12º Exhibition and congress for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary science and technology
On October 3-6, 13:30 - 20:30 HS, in Costa Salguro Center

About ETIF

Within the different industries, the Pharmaceutical sector has specific characteristics, needs and trends which we deeply know thanks to our vast experience in the field. At ETIF, we seek to link its members, promoting the long-term development of an industry which grows and perfectionates year by year.

Since the year 2.000, ETIF is the leading Exhibition in South America for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Veterinarian Production; it is the space in which the industry’s main actors gather to decide on their investments in equipment, technology, inputs and services, and to choose the companies which shall support them in their future projects.

Its Scientific-Technical Congress which brings together the national and foreign referents of the sector, and professionals, technicians and specialists who specialize in different points of the production, logistic and commercial chain, with the purpose of offering them training and updating in the topics of main interest.

The Business Round brings together vendors and offerors in a unique place where they can establish quality commercial bonds which prevail over time.

ETIF gathers all the business parties and offers them an environment exclusively tailored for the sector development and growth.

Based on the interest in the Exhibition and the Congress, and in response to the Latin American market increasing demands, ETIF organizes Webinars and Conferences attended by professionals from the countries with the highest pharmaceutical production in the region.

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